Happy National Camera Day

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Does religion influence your photography?

Atheist Photographer Chris Johnson Launches his new book.
A Better Life: 100 Atheists Speak Out on Joy & Meaning in a World Without God by Chris Johnson is a book like no other. The books gorgeous collection of photos is not only truly inspiring to look at but the stories, and interviews are a refreshing look at the views of the non religious. Hundreds of people coming together in one profound project all thanks to the vision of one outstanding photographer.

If you haven't guessed already I am a non believer. I can honestly say I had never thought about how this affects the photos I take. Does believing or not believing change how I choose to capture an image? Does it change the subjects I choose? Being a photography enthusiast there are many factors I take into consideration before choosing to release my shutter button, but where in this process does religion influence the shot if at all? Do you think your religious beliefs are reflected in your photography?

More On The Book: www.theatheistbook.com

One Photographers SHOCKING facebook post

I woke up this morning to find this very interesting post in my news feed. Comments after comments just kept rolling in. I was excited to see so many opinions about photography and the definition of outstanding.
Which leads me to my question. What does it mean to you?

Just remember to keep your comments clean and friendly.

Learn to LOVE your onboard flash.

I am sure by now you have read somewhere that your onboard flash is evil. It will overexpose your shots and flatten out the look of your image. Well some of this is true. You can learn to LOVE your flash if you learn how to control it.

Photo Projects - Join in....Get inspired.

Photo projects are a great way to develop your skills as a photographer. They can help you try shots you have never done. Grow your exposure level and help you connect with other photographers. Here are a few projects I have started myself. Don't be shy to join in!!

Basic photography accessories to make you look like a pro

Adding accessories can only make things better, whether it is for a car, a little black dress or a camera. The trick is to make it the right accessory.

Become a Better Photographer by Breaking the Rules

Good photographers know the basic rules of composition and when to use them. Great photographers break the rules to produce original and dynamic compositions that grab attention. Before you rip up the rulebook you need to have read it thoroughly. Here are the most important rules of composition for you to learn and then challenge.

Learn how to photograph still life using window natural light

Here is a great tutorial video on natural light by Learnmyshot.com
Check out their other videos and discover simple photo setups, techniques and more.